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Setup full disk encryption on running debian system

Tue 01 March 2022

Upgrade Debian 7 to Debian 10

Wed 01 December 2021
Debian Upgrade Make a backup. Check disk space Installation check for pinning /etc/apt/preferemces and preferences.d adjust the apt sources deb wheezy main deb-src wheezy main deb wheezy/updates main deb http://archive …


Thu 20 August 2015
Ansible sysadmin tool Ansible is a great tool to keep your servers or workstations in check, I have started to use this on my systems due to the fact that it is great for reproducing standard machines each and every time. Installation First lets get it installed: # apt-get update && apt-get …

Setup Debian using PXE

Thu 20 August 2015
Quick setup guide for installing debian automatically

Ransomware on the rise

Wed 03 June 2015
Ransomware is a mix of malware and virus that infects your computer, once infected the software will encrypt files on your disk drive and then prompt you to pay up a lot of cash to release the encrption on your files. In short not nice, in 2013 Crptolocker a ransomware …

Sextortion your child could be next take action

Tue 31 March 2015
19 December 2014 the BBC reports on an unfortunate incident where a teenager takes his own life by jumping off a bridge. He had been blackmailed on the internet apparently by a group from the Philippines. The teenager was tricked into a Skype conversation …

Home networks not safe

Fri 13 March 2015
Infosec Reports this morning that Trend Micro have discovered a Malware strain that can scan your home network by attaching itself to your router then deleting itself.. TROJ_VICEPASS attempts to trick you to install using the disguises itself as an update to flash. The research from trend tells us …

Modifications for LDAP authentication debian and ubuntu

Tue 10 March 2015
This is an older tip for setting up ldap authentication, as many of mu posts are just my notes from the past it might now be dated. However feel free to try it for yourself ;) aptitude install libpam-ldap libnss-ldap patch autofs nfs-common openldap-utils aptitude install nscd NB: in Configuring libnss-ldap …

Save your business thousands of dollars

Mon 09 March 2015
According to Kaspersky 35% of the worlds businesses do not encrypt data on their computers. What happens if you lose a laptop or a usb key with important business data on. In 2007, was fined £980,000, for having their own laptop stolen from an employees house that happened to …

Cybercrime focuses on small businesses, keep safe

Wed 04 March 2015
Modern hackers generally try to exploit and attack computer systems that are not updated or patched, this does not count the thousands of script-kiddies that run the scripts created by the developer-hackers or the attacks reported to come from funded organisations be that crime organisations or government organisations. In the …